AussieTrust was built with the vision of transforming the trading industry.

Our goal is to offer investors the best possible conditions across financial markets all over the world.

We work on improving our services step by step, every day with one thing above all else: the success of our clients.

It is our passion for online trading that pushes us to stay ahead of our competitors.


Unrivaled trading conditions

AussieTrust offers a cutting-edge trading platform, low latency connectivity, and top tier liquidity.

You can pick from a broad range of financial instruments to trade with sophisticated tools, competitive pricing and exceptional execution.


A trusted broker

Trust and transparency from the foundation of AussieTrust core values. AussieTrust has established the highest standards of safety for our clients’ funds.

All client funds are fully segregated from the companies own funds to ensure there is no manipulation of clients’ trust.


Best value for money

AussieTrust is revolutionizing online forex trading by offering traders access to pricing previously only available to investment banks.

We are providing tight spreads regardless of market volatility to deliver the most reliable pricing.